14 Drawer Slide Filing System

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As part of Boval Engineering’s custom hospital range, Boval produce a 14 Drawer Slide Filing System. The 14 Draw Filing System allows for convenient storage and retrieval of microscopic slides and transparencies.


The drawers provide the optimal modular storage solution for hospital slides as the units are designed to be stacked on top of each other to form a storage bank. Each of the 14 drawers holds approximately 390 mounted slides with a total capacity of 5460 slides per unit.


Custom made sizes can also be manufactured to meet specific requirements.


Features of the 14 Drawer Slide Filing System:

  • Length 483 x Width 484 x Height 138mm
  • Powder coated to your colour choice
  • Robust construction
  • Each cabinet contains 14 drawers
  • Lid for top of stack to protect from dust
  • Modular storage

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