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Boval Engineering has completed the successful installation of custom control tower consoles at the Ho Chi Minh City Airport in Vietnam.

In 2003 Boval Engineering were approached to supply and fit a console for the original flight centre. The flight centre was to monitor the planes coming in and out of the airport from an offsite location.

Extremely satisfied with the flight centre consoles which were manufactured and installed in 2003, in 2011 Boval Engineering was contacted again to complete another flight console in a new 70 meter tall air tower. The tower is on site at the airport, to replace the original tower that was set up by the USA during the Vietnam war (the bunkers set up for each fighter plane are still on site).

Boval Engineering set up a warehouse to manufacture and build the flight console. This complete set up arrangement meant that Boval Engineering was able to guarantee that every nut and bolt would fit and that every joint would be faultless when put back together on site in Vietnam.

In December 2011 the unit was disassembled and packed in crates for transport to Ho Chi Minh City Airport. Due to many delays in construction of the tower in which the console was being fitted, the installation of the flight console was deferred until February 2013. At this time a skilled Boval Engineering engineer was sent to erect the custom control tower console.  The erection of the console took a total of 2 weeks.

Boval Engineering received high praise from top diplomats about the professionalism and organisation of Boval Engineering staff, as well as commendations about the quality of the custom control tower console manufacture and construction.

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